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Food Mindset - Eat To Live or Live To Eat


Food Mindset: Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

By Monica Radu

It is no secret that our relationship with food is complex, confusing, and in many cases just outright frustrating. We are constantly being bombarded with mixed messages about it, whether it’s the newest trend of what to eat/what not to eat, another diet/cleanse/pill, or “tips and tricks” to curb hunger. So much exposure to all of this has left us struggling to find a healthy relationship with food and has taken away our ability to trust the natural cues that our bodies give us.

So how do we work to change this and get back to a more intuitive style of eating which will make us feel our best? 

It first starts with taking a closer look at your relationship with food. Do you live to eat or eat to live? Before picking one option, consider that these are two opposite ends on a spectrum. We all eat to live to a certain extent – of course we consume food in order to function and carry on through our day to day lives but the more extreme side of this is the idea that food is nothing but fuel and nourishment. There is no room for pleasure and satisfaction here.  

On the other end of the spectrum is living to eat. This is a mindset where food is a central focus in your life. Every day activities revolve around your eating whether that means you are constantly thinking about your next meal or relying heavily on food for comfort and pleasure.  

I can say from experience that neither one of these extremes are ideal. 

I have taken on the mindset that food is to be eaten purely for its nutritional value. I repeated this mantra over and over again in an attempt to establish control over my body and behaviors. All this did was lead me to become obsessive, rigid, and unsatisfied. It filled me with shame and guilt whenever I would deviate from this strict clean diet that I believed was best for me. 

The reality is that food is NOT just fuel. We are not just cars that need gas, we are human beings with far more complex needs and emotions. 

It is a source of pleasure and comfort and there is nothing wrong with that. Food is a big part of so many cultures and it is something that brings people together. There should be no shame in enjoying it! There is a difference between enjoying food and being overly reliant on it to bring you comfort/pleasure. This brings us back to the importance of finding balance on this spectrum. When we are in the state of using food as a coping mechanism, it is a signal that we are missing something else.

 The problem is that we have lost trust in our body’s ability to guide us on how to eat because we have spent so much time trying to fight against it. We have become afraid to allow ourselves to enjoy food because we spend so much time restricting that when we allow ourselves freedom, we are doing it from a place of deprivation and restriction so of course we are far more likely to overindulge. Once we overindulge, we end up back on the guilt train which then sends us straight back to the “I need to diet” mindset and then it all starts again. See a pattern? 

Many of you are probably thinking exactly what I thought when I first heard this. “If I let myself eat whatever I want, I’ll eat everything!” 

The reality is that if you have been restricting and dieting for a long time, there will be times where you lose control on the road to reconnecting with your body’s needs. For so long you have been telling your body that it can’t eat that, but has to eat this and we all know what happens when you say you can’t have something… you want it more! 

It will take some unlearning and a lot of trust in the process so the best thing you can do is be patient with yourself. 

It takes a lot of conscious effort to stop listening to that voice in your head that says you need to exercise to make up for that meal or eat less to compensate for eating too much. Part of finding that balance is allowing your body to go through that rebound phase after restricting and trusting that you will soon settle into a more balanced place where you can make food choices without fear and from a place where you know you will be nourished and also satisfied. 

Food is such a big part of our lives and it should be enjoyed and bring you some satisfaction. It should also be a way to fuel your body to allow it to perform at its best. Enjoying the food you eat and eating nourishing foods are not mutually exclusive. The sooner we align with this idea, the sooner we can make peace with food and ourselves.

More on Coach Monica!

 As Club Assistant General Manager, Group Coach, Personal Trainer AND a former gymnast and handstand queen, she loves to move and is always looking for the next fun new challenge to try!

She first discovered her passion for health and fitness after a major turning point in her life when she was diagnosed with cancer as a young adult. Prior to that she had struggled with losing weight, trying diet after diet, but it wasn't until her outlook on health changed that she saw so many positive changes in her life. After a full recovery she became dedicated to living the healthiest and most enjoyable life she could, and now has a vision to help other women do the same.   


  • CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist

  • DTS Fundamentals, Level 1

  • Diploma in Health & Fitness Promotion from Humber College 

Why Strength Training is important - January 17, 2019

The Year of You

 As we jump right into 2019, we have lofty goals for ourselves, our members and the entire female fitness community!  And with that we are thrilled to announce monthly education we'll be sharing with you!  

We get so many questions about, well, so many things related to fitness, women, their bodies and nutrition, so we figured we'd put our pen to paper!

We want to promote a culture of empowering women everywhere and with that comes education on the whys, the hows and, of course, mindset, We will focus on body love, strength training and the important relationship between your time at the gym and nutrition.  Pretty much we will be sharing all of our knowledge to help you understand.
So let’s talk Strength Training……….
Here at MOVE we love to lift heavy things.  That said, it is really important for our members AND all women who are thinking about strength training to know WHY strength training is as important as sleep and how we nourish our bodies and mind. 

Our mission is to no longer hear from women they are worried about “bulking up” if they lift weights or believe they need endless hours of conditioning and caloric restriction to be in control of their body composition. That said we also want to to empower women with the the perspective that there is no one perfect body type and body love doesn't come from aiming to look like someone on Instagram.   Knowledge is power and our goal is to give you ALL OF THE POWER!

We are myth busting and educating ALL the women about how strength training will change their hearts, minds and bodies…… forever!!!

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Why Strength Training Is Important

By Alex Boras-Harmer

Let’s get to the bottom line here: strength training is the… but why? There is an abundance of info out there on the web, but not all of it is reputable and who knows where to even start looking for legitimate advice and information. So let’s break it down and keep it to this simple summary: whatever your fitness and health-related goals are, strength training will get you there.


So what’s your goal? To look good naked? To love your body? To move better? To fight off illness or stress? To be healthier in general? To run a 10k? To play with your kids? To feel badass? To lose weight? To get a good workout in and feel good? Strength training will help with all of the above, and better and faster than any other one type of training.

Look good naked and love your body

Although cardio-intensive workouts can feel like the “harder” workout, strength training actually burns more calories overall.  Strength training has a much greater level of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption than aerobic or cardio exercise. What does this mean? When you finish a workout, your body needs to do a lot of work to replenish itself and recover in order to bring itself back down to baseline. When you strength train, this process takes more work. More work = more energy needed. Calories = energy, thus more energy needed to repair = more calories burned. 

On top of this, the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest. This is because it takes your body more calories to maintain muscle than it does to maintain fat… so strength training = increased lean muscle mass = more calories burned. The bottom line here is regardless of what your goal body is, strength training is going to give you the best metabolic boost to help you feel and look stronger.

Everything is EASIER when you’re strong

Carry your kids around? Light weight. Grocery trip with all the milk, juice, laundry detergent, and every other heavy fluid known to mankind? No sweat. Suddenly moving anything, including your own body, becomes so much easier. You become a real life superwoman.

Get healthy

If you’re looking for a workout in which you get the biggest bang for your buck, strength training is it. Strength training increases bone density, builds a stronger heart, reduces your resting blood pressure, improves blood flow, halts muscle loss, helps control blood sugar, improves cholesterol levels, and improves your balance and coordination… What’s not to love about any of this?


You’ll feel better, more confident, and happier

Not only will you find yourself with more energy and confidence, less stress and anxiety and a better overall mood, you’ll actually begin to think better (resistance training has been proven to help increase memory, critical thinking, and reasoning), the endorphin boost is out of this world, and psychologically the feeling of being able to pick up something super heavy is unbeatable! Ladies are you with us!!?? 

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More on Coach Alex!

Ever since she was little, Alex knew her future would lie in helping people, fighting for a bigger purpose, and never taking herself too seriously! Although she initially explored personal training and coaching as a hobby outside of her career in health research, Alex decided to flip that lifestyle upside down and pursue coaching full-time when she realized that was where her true passions lay. Alex is a firm believer in doing what you love and that everyone has unlimited potential- they just need the right environment. With a bachelors in Kinesiology and Health Psychology from the University of Toronto, Alex is dedicated to not only ensuring that your form is immaculate, but to helping you become the strongest version of yourself, both physically and mentally. After years of competitive sport and an unhealthy relationship with food and fitness, Alex now approaches fitness and nutrition with a mindful, positive attitude and is on a mission to help all women feel proud, confident, and powerful!


  • Bachelors of Kinesiology (Honours) University of Toronto

  • Certified Mobility WOD Mobility and Movement Specialist

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

  • Agatsu Olympic Lifting & Mobility Certification Level 1

  • CrossFit Weightlifting Level 1

  • CrossFit Kids Trainer

  • CrossFit Spot the Flaw

  • Introduction to Inclusion Level 1: Adapted Physical Activity

  • Completion of Vladamir Safanov Intensive Olympic Lifting Camp

  • Completion of Brute Gymnastics Camp

Stay tuned for our all of our upcoming articles and features! 

With LOVE, 

The MOVE Fam xox

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