CHIROpractic care FAQ


1. Do Chiropractors only treat back pain?
As neuromuscularskeletal experts, Chiropractors treat more than spinal pain. Through a variety of treatment modalities, Chiropractors treat all of the major joints of the body, as well as soft tissues (i.e. muscles). Strains, sprains, headaches, repetitive strain or postural-related pain, neck, mid-back, or low back pain, and pregnancy-related pain to name a few, the Chiropractic scope of practice is broad.

2. If I visit a Chiropractor, are they going to try to 'crack' my neck or back?
While adjustments are one form of Chiropractic treatment, they are not essential to a positive treatment outcome. Care at MOVE Recovery is patient-centred, meaning we'll build your treatment plan together based on your needs and preferences. If your preference is not to be adjusted, your treatment plan will include other modalities such as mobilizations, soft-tissue and rehabilitation work!

3. How does the process work? Once I see a chiropractor, do I have to keep going to appointments forever?
The treatment process begins with an individual neuromuscularskeletal assessment, where the chiropractor examines your chief area of complaint, and any other inter-related areas or complaints. You can expect this assessment to include an evaluation of your nervous system (reflexes) and ranges of motion, as well as palpation and orthopaedic testing. Following your evaluation, your doctor will provide you with a report of findings and a proposed treatment plan including the number and frequency of visits and treatment modalities. After a set number of visits your doctor will complete a re-evaluation of your chief area of complaint to determine if it has resolved, or alternatively if another treatment plan should be implemented. As a patient, you have the right to elect to stop care at any point during the treatment plan. You also have the right to continue to see your chiropractor for wellness or maintenance care if you so choose. 

4. Can I use my private insurance (benefits) to cover my appointments?
Yes. Provided your insurance plan includes coverage for chiropractic treatment, you can claim the cost of your treatments by submitting your invoices to your insurance. We do not offer direct billing at MOVE Recovery; you will be required to pay for your appointment and will be provided with an invoice you can submit to your insurance. 

5. Is there a discount for purchasing multiple appointments?
Block treatment plans can be discussed on an individual basis if your treatment plan includes multiple visits.