At MOVE we believe that good nutrition, not strict dieting, is key to feeling AND BEING your best. 

The idea that “You Are What You Eat” is a great way to think about how important your daily nutrition can be. The difficult part with nutrition is figuring out how to fit healthy eating into a busy schedule in a practical way. Thats where we can help! 

Whether your goal is to improve energy, lose weight, manage a chronic health condition or food allergy, enhance athletic performance, or simply improve your diet and lifestyle, MOVE will help coach you towards success.





  • Detailed 90-minute intake consultation. At your first consult we’ll discuss your specific needs, health history and goal setting
  • Custom recommendations to support your goals i.e. muscle building, weight loss, increased energy
  • Preventative health strategies (avoiding illness and symptoms such as hormonal/endocrine disruption, food intolerances, poor gut health, lack of energy, chronic bloat/water retention etc.)
  • Custom meal planning and nutrition recommendations for you and your family (let’s make eating simple and fun again!)
  • Custom stress management tools to support sleep, relaxation, recovery, improved gut health and overall improvement of mood
  • Specific supplement recommendations. Our environment, food quality and stress levels affect our ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients, detox, and maintain good energy/sleep patterns. When used responsibly high quality supplements have been shown to help bridge the gap in many areas of health.

Pricing $150


Follow up appointment

Change doesn’t happen overnight.

At MOVE we want to support you every step of the way. Set backs happen, but it’s important to be able to regroup and get yourself back on track. We’re here to educate and empower you each step of the way. That’s why follow up appointments are so important. 

During your 60-minute follow-up consultation we will review progress, celebrate success and help you identify roadblocks. From there we can make changes to the protocol as needed. We make sure you leave each appointment with clear goals and a defined plan for success.

Pricing $100


Get Nourished as part of MOVE's 360 experience. Good nutrition (not strict dieting) is the key to feeling and being your best.

We are excited to launch our Nutrition Workshops! Our GETNOURISHED workshop will cover the foundational pillars of sound nutrition from digestion, macros, elimination, hormones and more. Don't let poor nutrition stand in the way of you and your fitness goals.

FEBRUARY: Saturday February 10th 12pm-3pm with Julie Piper Roche. 

Pricing $100