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and welcome to starting your journey to fall in love.


Hi there! I would personally like to thank you for choosing MOVE and welcome you to the community! I am truly excited about your journey to fall in love with fitness for all the right reasons and to be apart of this amazing, supportive community of women.

Whether you are brand new to fitness looking to get started (I know it can be daunting) or long time enthusiast looking for more, I believe we have the best possible experience to provide the most impactful positive lifestyle approach to change and how you love and treat your body, while having so much fun and learning new skills. We hope you feel empowered as you discover all that your body is capable of! :)

Looking forward to getting STRONG with you on the gym floor! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your experience. I would love that.




If you have not had a chance yet, please check out our blog to help you get started. We discuss all things training, body image, nutrition and MINDSET - from the most talked about topics, and those not talked about nearly enough :)

Food Mindset: Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

Food Mindset: Live to Eat or Eat to Live?

Why Strength Training is Important.

Why Strength Training is Important.


Member love program

We are excited about our recently launched Member Love program. When you refer a friend to join, we show some love with up to a 10% credit (based upon the membership purchase of your referral) towards your next membership. Would love if you could share your excitement in starting your journey with MOVE and help inspire other women in getting started!