How is MOVE different than a gym?

Unlike a traditional gym, MOVE takes the guess work out of knowing where to start.  We show you what exercises to do and why, what the correct form is and more.  Each time you train at MOVE, you have expert coaches holding your hand each step of the way, keeping you motivated and accountable, for faster and better results.

How is MOVE's training approach different?

MOVE does not have conventional machines found in gyms as we prefer not to focus on isolated exercises or individual muscles.  We believe more effective results that benefit every day life can be achieved when you are training with full body movements and proper mechanics. By doing so we help to improve your mobility, stability and range of motion, all of which will translate into a better quality of life.

What equipment to expect at MOVE?

As part of MOVE's approach to train with full body movements, utilizing our core unassisted by machines, our equipment includes: female friendly 34 foot rig and barbells, bumper plates, kettle bells, dumbbells, monkey bars, plyometric boxes, wall balls, prowler, battle ropes, olympic rings, rowing machines, assault bike, heavy bags and much more. 

How do we measure success?

At MOVE, we help each woman achieve their personal best.  We don't focus on measuring weight or body fat loss as success, rather results as a side effect. We measure success by improving how well you MOVE, getting stronger, learning a new skill and fitness firsts - whether a push up, chin up, personal record set for a squat or dead-lift. 
Moving well, getting strong and feeling great!

What training service is right for me?

Small Group Training

If you are new to exercise or have taken a few years off, MOVE will help you build the foundation for better movement and strength.  We include learning proper techniques for basic movements like squats, dead-lifts and overhead presses, connecting to your core and improving overall body awareness. 

Anyone that has had a personal trainer knows the value they provide in how quickly they help you obtain better results.  With MOVE's GETSTRONG class, you get the same expert coaches to keep you supported and motivated in a social small team setting at an attractive price point.  Great fit for those that have worked with a personal trainer or strength trained in the past.

Personal Training

Perfect fit for those looking for the highest level of private dedicated one on one attention, intimacy and support, or for those looking to target specific areas of movement or strength that would benefit from a high level of attention for faster results.  Personal training will help you maximize your results in the shortest time possible.

What is MOVE's 360 experience?

MOVE's 360 fitness experience focuses on 5 key areas:

  • Training - Expert coaches providing small group training, and personal training
  • Nutrition - Counseling, supplements and juice bar pre/post workout smoothies
  • Recovery - Infrared sauna, supplements, facial stretch
  • Community - Caring, emotionally supportive coaches, non-judgemental women's only social environment
  • Convenience - Amenities including lux toiletries, soft towels, blow dryers, select retail and programs making it easier for moms with child minding, after school and Tae Kwon Do

All in one inspiring escape from your day to day to motivate you to want to workout. 

What is MOVE's mission?

MOVE's mission is to help women fall in love with fitness for all the right reasons.  Our goal is to help each woman achieve their personal best.  We don't measure weight loss or body fat. As part of our MOVEment to change women's fitness, we focus on moving well, being strong and feeling good from the inside out to help you be your best - whether maintaining your body, being active with your little one, or improving performance in a competitive sport.  

Looking good is just a side effect.