Originally Posted June 19, 2017

To our MOVE Community,

I started MOVE because I wanted to help women fall in love with fitness for all the right reasons and since we launched at the end of October, I have watched so many of you do just that. 

Seeing you embrace strength, have fun while working out, and judge your success not by a number on a scale but by the number of pounds you can lift, squats you can drop into, and minutes you can workout without a break, has changed my life. Without the measurement tactics you may have been subject to at previous gyms (the calipers, the scales), you still report back with pride that you are finding your clothes fit better, that you have more energy, and that you notice the presence of lean muscle. I can’t tell you how much joy that brings. 


Many of you know that the inspiration to start MOVE came from my own experience with the darker side of fitness. As a former fitness competitor and fitness model, I learned just how dangerous it can be to judge success by outside indicators. One day, I hit a point where I had to say “no more” and I went from all-in to screeching halt. It took time and the birth of my son to push me back into fitness, but this time on my own terms. 

The idea of starting over is menacingly difficult so I decided to begin with one goal: just move. I would move to make small changes, to make myself feel better, and to create a better, healthier life. And I thought, if this is the one step I needed to take to make a change, maybe this idea can inspire others to kickstart their own journey. And so MOVE was born.

Since we launched MOVE, we have built an amazing community of women who are willing to take the first step, the next steps, and all the ones after that. So I decided to start this blog to take your journey to the next level. Here we will share the latest research on strength training, nutrition, and movement. We will interview and highlight inspiring members of the community (including many of you!). And we will answer any questions you have about your fitness and health journey. 

I can’t wait to see where this next step takes us.